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I have two nine-year old sons with Cone Rod Dystrophy so I wanted to make my website usable by those with low vision.

GuRoute is a travel website, so we need a map, pins and info tiles. Lots of stuff on the same screen makes accessibility hard. We've done out best, and would appreciate you trying us out. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

Here's what we've done to help make the website more usable:

  • Scalable Fonts
    You can set your browser to user Largest font size and text will become bigger
  • Browser Zoom
    We did a lot of work to ensure that GuRoute works at various zoom levels. It seems fine with up to 300% zoom, but a bit hard to use after that. I hope that works for most people. We have a lot of information to display as there is a lot to GuRoute.
  • Narration
    Anywhere where we have a lot of text you can click on the bullhorn and GuRoute will narrate the text to you
  • Geolocation
    If you arrive at a point of interest, when you get within a certain radius of your destination, GuRoute will detect this and narrate the description of the place to you.
    NOTE: This is a website and not an app, so it's not perfect - if you're using Waze or Google maps to get to an attraction, you'll have to switch back to GuRoute to trigger it (sorry - I'm doing my best!)
  • More Info

    QR Codes
    Stick a QR Code on any local attraction, public art work or information booth. Users can scan the code to have GuRoute narrate a description of the attraction to them.

GuRoute is a website I developed in my free time to help people share places that they love with the world. I've tried it with my kids and right now, they can use it very well on a laptop computer at largest font and with 200% zoom.

I hope you have a good experience and if not, please tell me what I can do to make it better.

Try it out

Click on the hamburger menu in the top-left and go to Nearby Attractions. The tiles showing the attractions are small, but if you click on one you'll see a full detail dialog with big text.

Make sure to use Chrome, Safari or Edge if you want to avail of the narration features. And, if you change your browser zoom, refresh the page for the best experience.

GuRoute would like to access your current location so that we can pin you on the map and show you nearby attractions

Add friends so that you can share your experiences with each other...

Add tour to What's Next?


Either for yourself or someone else...

  1. Do your trip research in GuRoute
    Add all the places that you think might be worthy of a visit into a trip-plan
  2. Add your trip-plan to your "What's Next" timeline
    (or a friend's "What's Next" timeline)
  3. When you're on vacation you'll have all your research at your fingertips
  4. Share your timline with your friends
    They can enjoy your vacation with you, seeing not only where you've been, but where you're going next...
  5. Add/remove attractions if things change

It also makes a great souvenir of your trip



Create a home page for a collection of attractions

  • Add an image and description to display on the homepage
  • Start adding content
    Add existing attractions to your collection or create new attractions of your own
  • Collections can be:
    • Public (Anyone can add attractions to your collection)
    • Shared (Only yourself and Gurus you nominate can add content)
    • Private (The collection will only be visible to yourself)


  • Local business or hotel
    Showcase local attractions that you endorse
  • Clubs
    Showcase attractions that members have created (eg. local historical society)
  • Special Interest
    If GuRoute does not have a category for your special interest you add your attractions to your own collection instead


Walking/Driving Tours


A guided tour where GuRoute will direct you from stop to stop and narrate a description of each attraction you arrive at

  • GuRoute uses your phone's GPS to guide you from stop to stop
  • GuRoute automatically detects when you arrive at the next tour-stop and narrates the description of the attraction (Chrome Only)
  • It then sends you on to the next stop

Tours are great to attract people to your town. Even places with no significant points of interest can be lots of fun when part of a tour

Cater tours to your Audience

  • Kid-friendly Tours
    • Focus on what will keep kids interested
    • Instead of parents having to drag their kids around they'll be struggling to keep up
    • Let the kids navigate and they'll get more fun out of finding that historical plaque than they ever would from reading it
  • Accessible tours
  • Short and long tours of the same location

What you need to do...

  1. Click 'Go...'
    Enter a title, description and location for the tour
  2. Add existing attractions OR create new ones and add them to the tour
  3. For existing attractions you can add more information specific to the theme of the tour
  4. You can also add instructions on what to do or see en-route to the next tour-stop
  5. Try out your tour and see how it works...

Mystery Tour


Create a Mystery Tour

Create a series of clues to show people around a city, neighborhood or whatever place you like...

  • GuRoute will show people clues to get them from attraction to attraction
  • When they reach each stop GuRoute will tell them about the place and give them the next clue
  • Take as long or as you like and explore each location at your leisure

Scavenger Hunt


Create a Scavenger Hunt

Create a series of questions that people have to answer. The answers can all be discovered by walking aroung the area, looking for clues.

  • How many beers are on tap at Michael Collin's Irish Bar?
  • What's the name of the oldest building on main streeet?
  • Show a picture of some public art and ask them what it is called
  • Clues can have numeric or multiple choice answers